Who is Rolf Krebs?


I (Rolf Krebs) live and work in Trier, the oldest city in Germany. But the World is also my home. The impressions and experiences I bring back from my journeys are the reason for me entering photography.

The beginning

On my offroad trips…

… my camera got dirty on a regular basis. Well, that comes with my aim to take perfect and special photos.

2009 was the turning point towards people photography

„You got a good camera, could you please take the photos of our wedding?“ At this stage only nature, underwater and landscape photography were in my portfolio.
Offroad in the desert
Offroad in the woods
People Photography
People Photography
But when I want to do or create something, I want to deliver it perfectly. So I attended workshops in people photography and had my first photo shoots with volunteer models … where I failed brilliantly due to my inexperience.
But I got better and even assisted and co-conducted workshops in a photo studio for 1,5 years. And the yearly count of my photo shoots rose to “almost every weekend”.
On the Canary Islands – they could be called my second home – I perfectioned my people photography skills outdoor and in studios my indoor shoot competencies. Now, I am requested by my clients and I am looking forward to new projects. And I always put my heart at things in order to achieve the perfect result for you.
If you like my style, contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerley, Rolf Krebs