Photography Events/Courses in the Greater Trier/Luxembourg Area

  • Individual VenueWorkshops & Coachings

    Workshops: for groups of min. 3 personen I will organise your own individual workshop event.
    Coachings: individual coaching with the subject(s) of your choice
    Please contact me so I can send you an offer.
    Of course, such a venue can be in other places, too, as I am mobile.

Photography Workshops on Gran Canaria

  • Individual VenueModel Workshop for Photographers

    In the past I organised three day events with first class professional models (fashion and/or art nude).
    Unfortunately, they were never booked suffienciently. However, I will continue to organize them in the future, too.
    But only for groups of min. 3 participants at their requested date and model.
    Please contact me so we can plan and I can make you an offer.
  • Individual VenueUnderwater Photography Workshop

    The workshop, if you want to do or try underwater photography
    >> Detailed information about the workshop
  • 20.05.-31.05.2020Workshop/Coaching on GC

    In the a.m. period I will be on Gran Canaria and can be booked for individual workshops/coachings.
  • 16.09.-01.10.2020Workshop/Coaching on GC and Fuerte

    In the a.m. period I will be on Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura and can be booked for individual workshops/coachings.>

Photography Courses and Tours on Gran Canaria

...and on all other Canary Islands
  • Individual VenuePhotography Courses/Coachings

    Photography ABC - course for Beginners
    Photography DEF - course for (more) experienced photographers
    Photography - Two Points of View - coaching by two photographers
    Offroad Tour & Photography, Photo Shoots
    Special Photo Shoots
    >> Detailed information about the courses and coachings
  • Individual VenueTours and Trips

    Private (Photography) Tour
    Sundowner Drink & Photography (in the mountains and all around the island)
    >> Detailed information about the tours

Holiday Photo Shoots on Gran Canaria

...and on all other Canary Islands